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When we are tethered to the ultimate source, we allow God's love to overflow from our cup to those we surround.

You are welcome to this community of women that are here to connect with you deeper than an exchange for a business card. We are here to be sisters and support one another. ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME.


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Whether you only go to church once a week or you notice your tank is getting empty- we have just what you need. The Fueled By Faith Podcast is HERE! Giving you weekly encouraging "fill up" episodes paired with deep, life-changing interviews with other Female Leaders on their Fueled By Faith Journeys.

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Want to be plugged into this community to see the latest offerings, events, and divine drops that God has for you? WE ALL need support and that is exactly what this community is for. Come support and be supported. By opting in you will receive weekly "divine drop emails" with the latest and greatest news happening within Fueled By Faith!

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Are You Ready To Grow, Pour out and Overflow with What God Has For You?


We believe in Fueled By Faith, that by ultimately being plugged into God FIRST (CONSISTENTLY) it unlocks the ability for life to be easier, and more fulfilling and your mission even greater ultimately moving the needle forward for the kingdom of God. This Monthly Membership Includes:

  • 1 Monthly Zoom Call ( Connecting members, Equipping & Encouraging word for the month)
  • 1 In-person Monthly Meetup in Wilmington NC ( Meetup themes- Impact, Serve, Play *Impact and Play Meetups may be an additional cost through ticket purchases.
  • Community Text Thread (Stay in touch with the sisters inside the membership through daily/weekly text for ongoing support, prayer, encouragement and celebration)

It all starts with YOUR CUP Sister. You are important and that begins and ends with your relationship with Christ. This membership will not only connect you with other like minded women but it will grow your faith & relationship with Christ which ultimately impacts every other area of your life!

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I'm Emily Vermeer


Child of God, wife, mom & business owner a little over a year ago I found myself living an undesirable life. A mediocre marriage, stressed ALL the time, and ultimately BEING EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE which left me SO empty! It was when I was looking for a community of Women, a closer relationship with the Lord, and a TRUE sense of purpose God spoke Fueled By Faith to existence. It hasn't been an easy ride, but the journey from this being an event to a WAY OF LIFE that God has me guiding others on in partnership with him has been such a beautiful journey and I'm so happy you are here!

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