About She Assists

It all started with a question...

What are you tolerating in your life? It sounds simple, but at the root of it in 2020 right before the pandemic we had our last straw moment. We took what we had in our savings and hired a coach to help make our Instagram worthy enough to make our MLM business blow up!

3 months into the course we were asked this question but also many times to help people create "sales pages". It was when my coach asked me to be her Virtual Assistant a light bulb began to slightly glow.

Just 2 weeks in I had 2 clients working 15 hours a week meeting my full time income, and that is when it clicked. 

Jan of 2021 I quit my job, we moved to our dream city in Wilmington NC and started to GROW. In just 4 months time it went from 2 to 10 clients and we grew bringing my hubby Jon onboard.

We decided to stop tolerating the mundane life that society designed for us and took the leap of faith, and continue to do so.

We are now a full blown agency with pods of virtual assistants here to make your life easier!

Life is meant to be enjoyed and we are here to help you do JUST that.

Meet The Team 

Emily Vermeer

CEO & Founder

Jonathan Vermeer

CFO & Strategist

Natalie Finucan

Operations & Account Manager